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The journey from script to screen is a thrilling adventure. Skanda Cinemas is your partner in that journey. We believe in nurturing your creative spark and transforming it into an epic story. We are partnering with the industry's finest storytellers and artisans, combining their talents to create timeless classics.

Our team boasts a remarkable track record across various genres, from feature films to short movies, ensuring your vision is brought to life with expertise. We're here to bridge the gap between your imagination and the big screen.


We believe that stories have the power to move mountains, to make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.But how do these stories take flight and reach you?

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Once the movie is filmed, our job is to ensure it reaches the big screen. We work closely with cinemas and distributors to make sure our movies are accessible to audiences across the country.

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The entertainment landscape is evolving, and Skanda Cinemas is evolving with it! We're excited to venture into the world of web series.

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Skanda Cinemas announces its upcoming project, "Get-Set Baby," featuring Unni Mukundan and Nikhila Vimal. Directed by Vinay Govind and written by Y.V. Rajesh, the dramedy movie revolves around an IVF specialist, offering a distinctive narrative that combines the challenges he faces in his profession with a touch of humour, making the narrative an enjoyable experience for all. The cinematography is skillfully done by Alex J Pulikal, and the music is composed by Sam CS. Sunil K George manages production design, while Sameera Saneesh is in charge of costume design.The shooting was wrapped up and the film is now in the post-production phase.

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Get Set Baby

Wrap up

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Get Set Baby


Skanda Cinemas has begun filming their new movie, "Get-Set Baby," directed by Vinay Govind. The movi... Read More

Get Set Baby


"Get-Set Baby", film by Skanda Cinemas, had its launch ceremony on January 3rd at a temple in Ernaku... Read More

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